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27th November 2019 About Gifts Frae Scotland

About Gifts Frae Scotland…

When searching for a Scottish themed present online I could not find what I was looking for, and in the spirit of entrepreneurship we Scots are renowned for, I decided to design something myself, and that led to creation of Gifts Frae Scotland.

The first fifty products are now available and I hope to double this before the end of the year and keep adding new designs in 2020. The early designs are inspired by the great breadth of our Scottish language which uses words and phrases not found elsewhere.

The words and phrases we have selected can be heard in any everyday conversation between two Scots wherever they are in the world. There are a few derogatory words and phrases, but they are usually conveyed with wit and good humour.

Our aim is to encourage the celebration and use of the Scots language, and to this end we will be increase our product offering very soon with hoodies and sweatshirts on the way, so bookmark the site and return when you need a Gift Frae Scotland!

All our products are printed to order in the UK and go through a rigorous quality assessment before being dispatched.

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